Porcelain Tiles


Beautiful, incredibly adaptable and available in a wide range of styles, porcelain tiles combine durability with an aesthetic that few other materials can match.

The choice of materials for walls and floors can often make choosing the right one seem like a complex task.

Porcelain however, like ceramic is always highly sought after for a number of reasons.

Porcelain stands out because it has many of the same qualities as ceramic, but there are reasons why porcelain tiling is often the logical choice over similar materials.

Many people visiting our Fife showroom ask about the benefits of porcelain tiles. Here are some of the things we say:

Peerless durability

Porcelain tiles have an incredibly dense chemical structure; that means they are much less porous and very durable, making them ideal for interior and exterior walls and floors across a broad range of requirements.

If the area being tiled is one that will be used intensely, then a tile that is highly resistant to scratches and marks is an important choice. Outdoors, a material that absorbs as little moisture as possible is also vital for those cold Fife winter months and the risks of cracking and frost damage.

Porcelain tiles guard against all those problems, in ways that other materials might not do so as reliably.

Easy Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are resistant to time as much as heat, water and the rigours of use. Ceramic is an extremely resistant material which will not deteriorate with the passing of time, even in spaces that are exposed to sunlight and UV rays, they will not darken or fade.

Are ceramic tiles hygienic and easy to clean?

This is a question we come across a lot from customers visiting our Fife showroom.

Ceramic tiles are extremely resistant to staining, making them very easy to take care of and keep clean. They are non-porous, making it difficult for bacteria to develop on their surface.

They are also naturally non-absorbent and resistant to damage from chemicals.

A wide range of choices

Our ceramic tile range is extensive, aimed at giving you the bespoke levels of choice you need.

Our Fife showroom has a wide range of finishes, such as metal and cements tiles, through to wood, marble and stone. More unique finishes are also available, such as rustic, textile and monocolour or striped designs to ensure that, whatever you are looking for, ideas and inspiration are never far away.

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