A welcome addition to the Mihaus family

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At Mihaus our team is made up of very different and very unique individuals. Each has their specialisms, strengths and the ability to bring something vital to the table. The thing that unites us is that common goal; to provide the very best kitchen and bathroom solutions.

Often that common goal makes us feel like family so when someone new joins the team, it’s more than a simple appointment. It’s a welcome, a celebration.

We have been looking for the right graduate designer for some time, someone with a passion for making a big impact through the details of design in both kitchens and bathrooms and an understanding of how those things enhance our daily lives.

We are thrilled to have finally found her and delighted to introduce Lucy.

After five years of hard work studying interior design at Heriot-Watt University based across the Edinburgh and Galashiels campuses, Lucy has earned her BA (hons) in Interior Design and is now embarking on an exciting, rewarding career and we are delighted to say that it’s with us.

It’s great to hear that Lucy is looking forward to working with us as much as we are with her.

“I first heard about Mihaus through family and loved the products and designs that they created. When I heard they were looking for a graduate designer so soon before I graduated I was really excited. David got in touch with me and now I’m part of the team.”

We were interested to know if Lucy had always had an interest in interior design from an early age or was it a passion that developed later, she had this to say:

“for along as I can remember I have always had a passion for designing, from a young age I remember walking into rooms and spaces and going over in my head how I could make them better, I have always loved redesigning rooms in my house and researching architecture which is another passion of mine. But, believe it or not I wanted to be a animal keeper for a zoo or safari park when I was very young, I love animals and I think I just thought that if I worked at a zoo/safari I would get to feed the animals but as I grew older I found out the other not so fun side to this job and decided it wasn’t for me. Think I made the right choice.

My first job was for a local jewellery store I was a sales adviser, during working there I was studying so it was only part-time but I enjoyed the  friendships I made, building relationships with customers and exploring being creative through a different medium.”

When it comes to motivation, Lucy talks about the needs of her clients and the sense of responsibility she feels when helping them to achieve something really special.

“Since I began studying interior design I have always had the understanding that spaces affect us as people, both physically and mentally. The client’s needs and wants are what drive my passion as this is something that they may only do once in a lifetime and their dreams are in my care.”

We all share Lucy’s passion and infectious positivity; however on those rare days when we get to relax, we all enjoy a variety of different things. We asked Lucy what she enjoys doing when she has some time to herself.

“I spend most of my time with family. I have a very close and large family so it’s always interesting. Other than this I am a big movie/TV Series fanatic. All time favourites being Marvel, Doctor Who and any Disney film ever. I am also trying to do more walking which my dog will enjoy.”

At Mihaus we pride ourselves on taking care of our team just as much as our clients and that means providing the very best treats.  Our sweetie drawer is always well stocked and well used; we asked Lucy if David (Collins, our sweet-toothed showroom and contracts manager) has passed on this important information yet?

“I was going to lie and say no and plead innocence to never having heard of it, but I am in fact very guilty of going through countless of the little bags of gummy bears. Gummy bears are one of my favourites so it is very dangerous.”



Lucy, welcome to the team!