The 1810 Company

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

The 1810 Company offers a selection of designer sinks, taps and accessories that add a fresh touch of style to any kitchen. These sinks are crafted with emphasis on quality, ensuring both beauty and durability.  Their philosophy is straightforward: deliver cutting-edge and modern European designs in a variety of standard and unique size options. This caters to individuals who value quality and stylish aesthetics.

Because quality matters, The 1810 Company enhances the resilience of each two bowl sink by reinforcing it with bracing to reduce strain on the connections between bowls. These sinks are also resistant to chemicals and stains, and can tolerate temperatures reaching up to 230°C. Each sink is designed to withstand impacts, safeguarding them against the usual wear and tear from the daily use of a kitchen sink. Each 1810 sink comes with a comprehensive maximizer plumbing kit containing all necessary installation components.  If all of the above, wasn’t enough to reassure you of the quality and workmanship that goes into each sink, the sinks from The 1810 Company are backed by lifetime guarantees, demonstrating their long-lasting quality.

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