Silestone Worktops

Design, durability and hygiene

Crafted from quartz, Silestone worktops are a robust and resilient kitchen surface option. Quartz, is a naturally sturdy stone and perfect for kitchen and bathroom use. Available in a diverse array of colors and designs, making it a popular choice for many home owners.

Along with the obvious aesthetic benefits to Silestone, it’s also a non-porous surface which means its extremely resistant to stains and easy to clean making it an ideal choice as a kitchen worktop.   It can also endure high temperatures, ideal for kitchen use and is tough against scratches and marks, making it an excellent practical option for bustling kitchens.

With so many options, Silestone has a fantastic online visualiser to help you choose which style fits in with your lifestyle – click here to see your preferred worktop in a 3D space.

Or, you can look at our completed projects to see which Mihaus kitchen worktop you prefer.

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