The Acquabella Shower Tray Range

Acquabella’s Unique Stone and Slate Effect Shower Trays: A Statement of Interior Style

In a crowded market of products claiming to be different, Acquabella truly stands out. Based in Spain, they prioritize the fine details of their products and the innovative skill that goes into making them. The result is a range of shower trays that are unlike any other.

For those who appreciate minimalist style and stunning artistic design, the Acquabella range of stone and slate effect shower trays is worth serious consideration. The range offers bespoke size and color options, as well as unique finishes that perfectly match your bathroom style, design and size. The trays can be installed flush into the floor for an ultra-attractive, seamless look in wetrooms. Alternatively, they can be raised on a plinth to provide a distinguished “step in” style for your showering space.

The slate and stone effect shower trays by Acquabella are a celebration of natural textures and daring, innovative design. The “Smart Quiz” shower tray, for example, boasts an avant-garde style with its combination of defined finishes and an impressive range of standard, naturally made, and infinite RAL/NCS colors. The “Tempo Arraba” shower tray is another highly sought-after option, with its innovative design that discreetly slides water to the sides and around the tray perimeter before being channeled away through the subtle, understated grate.

What makes Acquabella’s products truly special is their versatility. These shower trays are ideal for contemporary bathrooms, creating a spacious, open feel while removing the need for a complete shower enclosure. They are also fully compatible with a wide range of different shower doors and well-suited to recessed areas in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

If you want a shower tray that makes a real statement in your bathroom, the Acquabella range offers something for everyone. Each tray is unique, award-winning, and just a glance is enough to tell you that it is clearly Acquabella.

To learn more about the Acquabella shower trays we offer, along with everything else concerning your bathroom design project, get in touch today.

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