Merlyn Showering

Merlyn Showering – It’s all about the experience

Merlyn bathroom products are dedicated to design and craftsmanship, driving them to continuously enhance their range of premium shower enclosures, all tailored with your needs in mind.

Whether you are looking to change your bathroom, shower room or en-suite speak to Mihaus about the range of Merlyn showering products we can offer that will blend timeless sophistication with high end quality, right down to the smallest details.  From Bath Screens, to enclosures, to wetrooms, explore the full range, from sleek minimalist designs to bold statement pieces, and discover the perfect shower enclosure to suit your needs.

There is also the option of Merlyn Showering bespoke, a design service that will create a made to measure shower enclosure, wetroom or bathscreen specifically for you.

Each Merlyn shower enclosure is backed by a promise of durability and commitment to service. Simply select the collection that complements your lifestyle and immerse yourself in a showering experience unlike any other.

To learn more about the Merlyn products we offer, along with everything else concerning your bathroom design project, get in touch today.

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