Siemens IQ Range


Siemens iQ range of built-in appliances boasts a variety of options including dishwashers, ovens and integrated coffee machines. Designed with clean sharp lines and effortless style, the iQ range of appliances will fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen.


Siemens iQ range of dishwashers is designed to make dishwashing a breeze. Including the iQ 100, 300, 500 and 700 models, these stunning, multifunctional dishwashers come with a minimum energy rating of A+ and an impressive array of features including varioDrawer which frees up more space in the bottom of the machine, offering users increased flexibility and an extra loading level.

Additional features…

Siemens iQ dishwasher range comes complete with a variety of smart features and functions including varioSpeed which allows users the option to run the dishwasher’s normal programme in half its usual time and dosageAssist which guarantees cleaner dishes by expertly distributing washing detergent more evenly around the machine.


Siemens iQ range of ovens boasts a variety of different models including the IQ 100, IQ 300, the IQ 500 and IQ700. Offering both a versatile cooking performance and a wide array of different functions, these stunning multipurpose ovens provide the perfect finishing touch to any modern kitchen.

For those seeking a competitively priced entry-level oven, the iQ100 combines excellent value for money with Siemens renowned style and functionality whilst the iQ700 model represents Siemens top of the range option, offering unbeatable style and quality along with an impressive array of features.

Additional features...

The Siemens iQ range of ovens boasts an impressive array of new features and functions including, steamers, microwaves and automatic coffee makers. They also include the option for VarioSpeed functions allowing you to accelerate cooking times by up to 50% and TFT touch display providing you with brighter, clearer menu navigation.

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