Bora Extractors

Combined Cooktop and Extractor

BORA extractors cleverly combine a cooker top and extractor fan in one.    Their award winning design gives a sleek look to your kitchen allowing for flush installation which blends into your your kitchen work surfaces when not in use.

BORA removes the need for an over head extractor fan, instead of cooking vapours rising, they are extracted by directly drawing them away from the pot or pan on the cooker top.   The fan also cleverly and quietly adjusts itself automatically depending on cooking conditions ie it will automatically turn itself up when your pot in boiling, the turn itself down when it is simmering, which means you only need to concentrate on your cooking!

The BORA system also allows for extra storage space, the cooker top measures a under 200mm depth, which means you will have space for a fully working kitchen drawer underneath your cooker top, allowing you space to store you cooking utensils in the cupboard or drawer below.    It’s really up to you!

For more information on BORA products you can order the exclusive BORA Magazine free of charge with information about our cooking systems and exciting stories from the world of BORA.

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