Adding an En-suite Bathroom to your home

By October 20, 2020 No Comments

Few things in the home feel as luxurious as your very own en-suite bathroom. They allow you to forget about those busy mornings queuing with the rest of the family, they give you the chance to lose yourself in a pampered soak without disturbance.

They are a room that, once you have one, you quickly wonder how you ever got by without it.

Adding an En-suite bathroom can also add value to your property; making your home more desirable in the housing market should you ever wish to sell.

The question though, is where on earth do you start..?


The first and most logical issue to address is where you want your en-suite bathroom to go. If your bedroom is a large one you might want to consider a partition as part of a redesign of the bedroom itself. If on the other hand your bedroom is smaller, you may have a seldom used room next door that can fit the bill.

Either of these options can often be relatively straightforward if you take the time and specialist advice to plan ahead. Even smaller spaces can contain all the essential elements you will need if you plan it with someone with the experience to help you make the most of your space.

The Planning Process

Your en-suite bathroom will require relocation of some services. Plumbing is the most obvious thing to plan well in advance as the costs involved can vary considerably based on where in your house you want your en-suite to be. Your plumber should also be able to advise you on whether your home has existing hot water flow to supply the new room. Every en-suite bathroom project should ideally start with the plumbing. Electrical rewiring is another important factor in addition to the fixtures and fittings you’ll be investing in.

Before deciding on the finer details of your bathroom, it is a good idea to decide exactly what you want. A standalone bath for example, or a bath and shower with an enclosure to really set the overall look of the room are all popular options. Some people might even take that to another level with a wet room enclosure along with basin, toilet, taps and other hardware.

Adding an en-suite bathroom to your home shouldn’t generally need planning permission, however if your building is listed then permission is vital as you will effectively be changing the building’s internal fabric.

If the main, busy bathroom in your home follows function instead of style, your en-suite bathroom is your space, a place to indulge and enjoy your very own spa experience.

For impartial help and advice on adding an en-suite bathroom to your home, get in touch today.