Mihaus have been looking at the new bathroom trends that you are likely to opt for in 2017.   With new design themes, colours, textures coming in the limelight, 2017 is going to an exciting time for choice and specification of bathrooms.

Here are some of the upcoming trends that would enhance the look and feel of your bathrooms:

Natural Materials
We have a range of clients who love giving a natural touch to their bathrooms. In the coming year, a combination of clean colour and smooth lines with natural materials will be among the most followed trends!

Shaped Tiles
Tiles add great value to your bathroom by providing it with clean lines and perfect finishes. You will be excited to know that tiles are coming with an incredible twist in 2017. There will be plenty of options for flooring. However, people will mostly prefer shaped tiles such as hexagons and triangles for their uniqueness and style. The beauty of the incredibly crafted tiles will enhance the overall appearance of the bathrooms.

Black on Trend
Black is the best possible colour when it comes to style, elegance and fashion. Most clients choose this unrivalled colour to get a simple yet modern theme for their bathrooms. It is beyond doubt that black colour is going to be among the most followed trends. It looks even more compelling when accompanied with perfect lighting.

Go Green
For the ones that love natural ambience, here comes the trend that best suits you. In 2017, bring some life into your bathroom designs by adding green plants. Decorate your bathrooms with beautifully arranged greenery that not only revitalises you but also provides your bathrooms with a lovely appearance.

Simple and Classic
If you like minimalist solutions for your bathrooms, then we have a series of options to cater to your needs. Many of our clients prefer light colours and a good space for their bathrooms. In 2017, the minimalist bathrooms are going to remain as trendy as they were before. We will see simple yet innovative themes for bathrooms to enhance their appearance.

Slate Tiles
Slate tiles are going to be the top priority for most clients. With natural materials being used widely, the demands for slate tiles will also increase. And the best possible colour for slate tiles will be grey. The colour seems dull, but it really does wonders for your bathroom if it has a variety of hues.

Yes, you read it right. Brass is going to be among the top trends next year! The irresistible marble cladding on the wall along with stylish metal appliances in hues of brass is a perfect combination that you cannot say no to! Brass, no doubt, is going to be one of the fashionable metals for the bathrooms.


Whatever your choice or style, get in touch with us for a design consultation for your bathroom.