Bathroom Trends for 2021

By December 1, 2020 No Comments

As we bid a less than fond farewell to 2020 and look towards 2021, we can do so with a glimmer of hope, certainly where our bathrooms are concerned.

Because 2021 is all about new beginnings and the bathroom trends for 2021 reflect that better than any other room in our homes. Here are some of the reasons why…

A natural ambience

Recent times have given many of us a real appreciation of nature; we have sought solace in natural, green spaces when the chance has arisen, recreating that sense of sanctuary in the bathroom feels right and many want to do just that.

Expect to see natural woods play a prominent role in cabinets, trims and shelving, combined with plants to create a genuine al fresco bathroom trend for 2021.

Natural stone will prove equally as sought after for countertops and tubs, delivering a light and airy feel and even replacing conventional tiling as people seek to connect with nature at home.

Subdued ambient lighting promotes relaxation, a sense of sanctuary and that same connection to nature. Regardless of who else is at home, natural light, elemental materials and living plants can give you everything needed to disconnect from everyday stress.


Bold and gold

Gold and brass have made a welcome return for 2021 in both kitchens and bathrooms with sinks, taps and other hardware catching the eye and creating unique focal points that feel luxurious and lived in, creating depth and a wonderfully warm tone.


The rise of the smart toilet

Smart technology has already started to creep in to the bathroom with features such as LED temperature information; de-misting mirrors and automated hand wipe sensor technology. 2021 will see that trend taken to the next level with the smart toilet.

Seat drying, built-in deodorising and automatic lid opening all come as standard along with ultra-efficient flushing and cleaning. The smart toilet will prove to be a bathroom trend for 2021, simply because those who try them may never want to try anything else.


Bold tiling

The eco revolution of natural materials has also seen the trend for exciting, new tiling shapes and forms take off.

Designers are focusing on natural influences such as fish scale, diamond and hexagonal shapes in tones of greens, beiges and browns for a genuine luxurious feel to complement other natural elements in the bathrooms of 2021.


Bringing the spa home

It might come as no surprise that many of us crave a spa experience in our own homes for 2021.To create that cocooned, pampered  feel our bathrooms are transforming from the functional spaces of old to something else entirely.

Luxury fittings such as massage showers, scented candles and hydrotherapy baths will all be big bathroom trends for 2021, to create spaces in which we can retreat to and lose ourselves, enjoying our very own private spa experience any time we choose to.

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