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Black Bathroom Trends

By May 20, 2021 No Comments

Black Bathrooms 

Welcome to a darker world, the increasingly popular trend of black bathrooms.

For many it might not be the palette that comes to mind first when planning and creating a dream bathroom but for those bold enough to take a peek into a more gothic and highly stylised world, the things they find can be jaw-dropping…

The leading paint brands are all onboard with darkly gothic tones and matte finishes, while porcelain tile manufacturers are harnessing advances in available technology and driving their own product development to craft an ever widening range of textures, colours and finishes.

There has never been a better time to indulge your darker, more adventurous side when it comes to bathrooms…

The dark side is a world of possibility, if you’re tempted, intrigued but not quite sure where to start, read on…

Fixtures and fittings can be the perfect introduction to a darker, more daring bathroom. Taking those initial small steps can make a big impression and may just give you a tempting taste for more.

Try pairing a subtle black light shade with a black-framed mirror. Going overboard isn’t necessary if you prefer to keep it simple then do so. These aren’t permanent or large scale changes but be warned; doing so may result in wanting more.

Black faucets and taps, whilst again a relatively small addition to the bathroom, they can have a similarly big impact in darker colours. Black taps can introduce a contemporary feel, but also a traditional one with the right design. Either way they represent a bold, eye catching design statement.

Dark fabrics for curtains can lend a feeling of indulgence and drama to a bathroom from an interior design point of view. It is a bold decision but one that will make your bathroom a memorable space to spend time in. Paired with similar dark colours for doors, window frames and accessories such as towel rails, the entire bathroom space will look cohesive, sumptuous and dramatic.

Basins are meant to be white, right? The trend for black bathrooms is all about tearing up the rulebook. Any type of bathroom basin, whether countertop, pedestal or recessed in black, particularly in a matte finish will make a statement that neutral colours could never hope to match.

Bathtubs are an essential component of many modern bathrooms as they increasingly become spaces of luxurious sanctuary. Why not make your bath an unusual one in striking jet black.

Black can work brilliantly against an interior rich in other textures and colours to create a real focal point. Choose your style, such as minimal, eclectic, ornate or traditional to match your design philosophy and enjoy being bold in a bathroom as brave, unique and individual as those who enjoy spending time in it.

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