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Style and functionality are things we look for in almost every aspect of our lives. When it comes to the home and our kitchens in particular, we look for a space that doesn’t just look amazing, but one that helps us live our lives easier, quicker and more conveniently.  The BORA X pure ticks all those boxes through a combination of innovation and design perfection, enabling new levels of style for one of the home’s busiest rooms and an easy to control, clean and quiet way to cook and extract vapours.

The BORA X Pure is crafted with an ethos of minimalistic design making it ideal for flush installation, blending elegantly and seamlessly with a wide range of styles and décor with operating controls that are virtually invisible when not in use.

The intuitive sControl system delivers all the control you need at the touch or slide of a button with simple taps and upwards or downwards slides of a fingertip placing you completely in control of all the important functions.

The innovatively located active charcoal filter takes care of vapours and odours with filter changes made simple via the air inlet aperture, making the removal of drawers and plinth panels a thing of the past.

The BORA X Pure is also blissfully quiet whilst preparing your food. Thanks to its low noise fan design and optimised airflow even at high power levels. Making busy days of kitchen creativity a pleasure you can lose yourself in.

Cleaning is equally simple, with all parts that come into contact with cooking vapours and spills easily removable and dishwasher safe, where they also take up surprisingly little space.

Don’t be fooled by the BORA X Pure’s minimalistic design. The induction cooking zones surface provides more than enough space for every home culinary need, enabling you to use larger pans and roasters with plenty of space between them, your touch control system and the air inlet aperture.

The variable heat retention function allows you to keep your food at optimum temperatures without ever burning, whatever is on the menu and at less than 200mm in depth, so storage space beneath your cooker will never be a problem.

The BORA X Pure takes style and design to new levels with a combination of practicality and innovation, see for yourself today.

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