Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen

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Making decisions about home improvements is sometimes a straight forward process, but at other times, those decisions need real thought, often even professional advice. In the case of kitchen flooring, it’s important to put the thought in; get it right and you will have a space that is both pleasing and practical, get it wrong and you risk being out of pocket, with a kitchen space that you’re simply not happy with.

Fortunately, with the help of Mihaus and their wide range of high quality flooring, along with a little thought and planning in advance. You will soon be well on the way to having a kitchen that you will be proud to spend time in and show off.


Thinking practically

Giving some thought to exactly how you use your kitchen, might have an impact on the type of flooring you decide to use. There is a wealth of factors to take into account when you start to consider the practicalities of things such as luxury vinyl sheet flooring or tiled flooring.

Factors such as pets, children, and whether your kitchen is just a place to make food, or a social haven for you, your family and friends, are all important issues to take into consideration when choosing your kitchen flooring. In order to ensure you have a practical, easy to clean floor that will continue to look good well into the future.


Thinking stylishly

If you are at the stage when you feel you have the practicalities sorted out, it’s time to think about more exciting things; how to ensure your new kitchen flooring looks as beautiful and complementary as possible, lasting through trends, well into the future.

Think carefully about the size and shape of your room, and the natural light levels it enjoys throughout the day. Lighter coloured flooring can lend a brighter feel to darker rooms, whereas mid tone colours tones can add a sense of homely warmth to a space you will look forward to spending time in.

It is also worth giving serious thought to how you want your kitchen to feel. Do you want a warm, rustic space, with a realistic natural wood floor or a more contemporary, modern space with cleaner lines and the more coordinated feel, created by ceramic and porcelain tile floors?


At Mihaus we have a wide range of kitchen flooring options, combined with the knowledge and understanding of our products, to give you the right advice, at the right time.

Contact us today for impartial and reliable advice on all your kitchen flooring needs.