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Choosing the Right Shower Head

By March 8, 2022 No Comments

Choosing the right shower head for your shower is an often overlooked factor in really getting the most out of it. Then again buying the right one, from such a wide range of types, shapes and styles can be just as problematic…

With those things in mind, here is a handy guide to help ensure your questions are answered!


The Different Types of Shower Head

The Fixed Head
Simple, no nonsense and it does exactly what it is supposed to. It isn’t surprising that the fixed shower head is one of the most popular types. The fixed head comes out of the wall, pointing downwards at a fixed angle.
There are still choices to make however, fixed shower heads come in a wide range of styles and many have the modern convenience of adjustable flow strength and spray patterns. In more recent times, a lot of thought also goes into the amount of water that they use.
Where space is at a premium, or the shower enclosure is on the small side, fixed shower heads can be particularly useful.

The Wall Arm/Rainfall shower head
Much like the fixed head, wall arm shower heads are fixed to the wall; there is a notable difference however.
The wall arm shower head extends further out via an arm, often featuring a larger head pointing straight down with a single pattern of flow.
For this reason they are also sometimes referred to as rainfall or rainforest shower heads.
For those looking for a more natural, relaxing shower, the rainfall style is ideal.

Ceiling Arm Shower Heads
A popular choice for wetrooms, walk-in showers and more spacious bathrooms, ceiling arm shower heads are fixed to the ceiling. They add a touch of luxury and simple elegance with a range of different styles for both modern and traditional bathroom spaces.


Shower Head Styles

Contemporary or modern shower heads tend to be crafted with shape and form in mind. Some are ergonomic in shape; others are designed to be minimalist and ultra-slim.
Chrome finishes will always prove popular but don’t be afraid to look into alternative finishes such as blacks and mirrored finishes. You might just fall in love and find something that really suits your bathrooms aesthetic.

For many people with traditional bathroom decor, a traditional style shower head works perfectly. You will still be spoilt for choice when it comes to styles with elaborate designs such as rain can styles always proving popular.


Some common questions our customers ask us:

Is a jet or rain shower head best?
It depends, a jet shower can invigorate because it is more powerful with pressure directed to a more focused, smaller surface area. Rain shower heads feel more organic and natural, as their name suggests they feel a little like showering in natural rainfall although some do have different pressure settings.

How do I know it will fit my existing fittings?
At Mihaus we are always happy to help by providing as much compatibility information as possible, allowing you to easily buy a new head to fit your existing system or a completely new one. If you are ever unsure, we are here to help.

How do I choose the right shower head for me and my family?
Here are the most important things to bear in mind:
• Which type and style will fit with my family life?
• How will it distribute water?
• Will it match my existing fixtures, fittings and decor?
• Do I want a range of settings? (think about mist, jets and massage)
• Is it easy to keep clean?
• How much would I like to spend?

At Mihaus, we want to make sure you get the perfect shower head to finish off your perfect bathroom. Get in touch or visit our showrooms to see how we could make it happen!