How to Choose Your Kitchen

By April 21, 2016 No Comments

The kitchen has become the heart of the modern home. While traditional kitchens used to be small and tucked away in the corner, we find more and more that many people create kitchen / family rooms which means, as the hub of the home, modern kitchens demand more attention.

No matter how you design your kitchen, the ergonomics for food preparation (its main purpose) must still be your number one priority.   Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your perfect kitchen:

Have a Clear Idea about the design

Design is totally subjective. You may love one design that your spouse may hate and vice versa. Make sure that you do thorough research in advance. Browse through the internet. Use social media sites like Pinterest. You will find thousands of designs that both you and your spouse will like.

Focus on Functionality

You may want to consider how you currently work in your kitchen. What are the things that are essential to you? And what is just nice to have? Whatever style of kitchen you choose, it must use your space effectively because at the end of the day, functionality matters.  For example, German style kitchens are famous for their bold designs and amazing ergonomics. Not only do they give a clean and modern look, they are also incredibly functional.

Think About Storage Options

You must have an idea about the storage options for your new kitchen. What are the things you want hidden? How will you store your food and drinks? Do you need refrigerator in the kitchen? Make sure you make the best use of your drawers and cupboards.

Choose Effective Lighting

You can only choose effective lighting once you decide the colour scheme of your new kitchen. You must understand that bad lighting can make a great kitchen look ordinary. What are the areas of your kitchen that need most lighting? Will you go for natural lighting through windows or incorporate artificial lighting? Make sure you have experimented with different options before finally deciding.

Choose Flooring According To Your Lifestyle

Kitchen flooring can get stained with foot marks or spills. Make sure you choose the flooring that can be easily cleaned. For example, German kitchens have floorings that are not only stylish, but also have a clean look.

Do Not Be Afraid To Experiment

With so many options available, choosing the best style for your kitchen can become overwhelming. It is obviously very difficult to imagine the colours, textures and shapes that you exactly need. To begin with, follow your gut instincts. Choose the styles that feel right to you as you will be the one cooking or eating in your kitchen. Do not be hasty in deciding anything. Take your time to experiment with different options until you are completely satisfied.

Meet With a Professional Kitchen Designer

You may get stuck in the process and may not know what to do. If this happens, make sure you meet a professional kitchen designer. Our kitchen designers at Mihuas will open your mind to new ideas that will work for you.