Innovative Bathroom Ideas

By September 25, 2017 No Comments

Giving your bathroom a modern makeover can make a massive difference to the overall feel of your home. Gone are the days when bathrooms simply consist of plain white tiles and tired looking units. Today people take inspiration from all kinds of different things to create innovative bathroom ideas. Why not update your own bathroom by using some of these innovative materials?

Combine Natural Materials For A Fresh And Exciting Effect


One of the most popular modern trends in bathroom design is to use organic and natural materials to create a more interesting and inviting feel. Wood in particular, is increasingly being used as a material for bathroom floors, wash basins and even bathtubs. Wooden units can instantly help to create a warmer effect and provide a luxurious finish fit for any bathroom. If you’re particularly adventurous then wood and polished stone materials combine well for a stunning effect.


Another material you wouldn’t expect to be seen in the bathroom, but one that is becoming increasingly popular is leather. Leather is incredibly water resistant and adds a touch of contemporary style to any bathroom. Faux leather tiles are a great option if you’re looking to mix textures and styles and leather upholstered sinks/bath tubs are also becoming very popular. Adding Leather to your bathroom suite can really make a difference, giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Mineral Composite Fixtures

If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it, then a natural mineral bathtub is a great addition to your bathroom. Not only do they look great they are also a lot more resistant to damage than acrylic bathtubs. Combining a mixture of natural minerals and high resistant resins, these next generation bathtubs are highly active against bacteria and also have high insulation properties making them warm to the touch.

Bring Your Bathroom To Life By Adding Some Greenery

Introducing some plants is a great way to add ambience to your bathroom. Green plants can really bring your bathroom to life and provide a beautiful finishing touch. When choosing plants for your bathroom don’t forget that only certain species can thrive in warm and humid temperatures. Orchids, Aloe Vera and Spider Plants are all excellent choices for your bathroom and the conditions are ideal for them.

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