Kitchen and Bathroom Quality, Close to Home…

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At Mihaus we pride ourselves on a hard earned reputation for providing complete kitchen, bathroom and flooring solutions for homes all across the UK.

We are rightly proud of that reputation and consistently go above and beyond to preserve it and grow it far beyond our local borders.

Yet we never for a second forget the importance of our local clients and the role they play in supporting our own local business amongst many others.

That is why we are delighted to be a part of a worthwhile, valuable new initiative.

The Close to Home initiative

Created by Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine, the Close to Home initiative is much more than a simple campaign. It serves to remind us all of the unique benefits of local knowledge, common values and the importance of serving our communities.

Certainly when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, these are big ideas, much more so than a trip to the local shops. The things we sell come with thought, ideas, logistics, emotions and aspirations. That makes us much more than salespeople. We give advice; we get to know you… We might offer suggestions, compromises, creative ideas or different ways to achieve the things you want for your home.

We do all those things to make your dreams become a well-deserved reality.

For many, trying to create the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams might involve nameless suppliers in faraway places, faceless people on the end of telephones and tradesmen we know little about.

The Close to Home initiative is a reminder that there’s a better way, a way that’s built on trust working with people who might live just down the road.

It’s clear to us which option is better…

A world of benefits

It is all too easy to forget that everything you need is already right there on your doorstep. That could mean the difference between a day lost travelling up and down a busy motorway and a simple ten minute walk at a time that suits you.

Apart from the obvious convenience of having that expertise on your doorstep is the added bonus of local contacts. That means local tradesmen, trusted suppliers and materials, fixtures and fittings that aren’t imported.

Local businesses of any size have local connections and reputations. You may know a member of our team, you might already know one of our local customers and seen first-hand the things we can do. Pop in and have a chat. There’s a good chance we will be on first name terms within minutes and always available to talk about your project, however long it takes.

The welcome you’ll receive at Mihaus will be genuine and warm. With it will come all the time and space to ensure our service is both safe and personal. From the moment you step through our door to the moment you step into your very own dream kitchen or bathroom.

You don’t have to go far to get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Let’s get to know each other and see what we can do for you.