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Kitchen Islands

By February 16, 2021 No Comments

Island Living

The trend for more open plan kitchen spaces and the need for more versatility than ever before in the rooms where we now do so much more than simply prepare our meals, have made one feature more desirable than any other, the kitchen island.

Kitchen islands of any size can deliver a range of benefits catering to every possible kitchen need. They can offer more room for food preparation, they can form a subtle boundary between where we cook and eat and for those needing storage space an island can offer box shelving or cupboard space. They can also be convenient and inviting places to enjoy a meal, a coffee morning and for some these days, even a practical space to work from home…

It’s no surprise that the kitchen island is at the top of many people’s list these days, but which might be right for you and why?

An all-in-one solution

Some people need a work surface, some need a sink and for some, the breakfast bar is a deal maker, but why not have it all?

A multifunctional kitchen island can give the best of all worlds, making your space as efficient as possible, without forcing you to choose one function at the expense of another.

Creative curving

For smaller kitchens, where space is at a premium and comfortable flow really matters, the rounded edges and pleasing curved cabinetry of a round-edged design can make all the difference.

Not only will it look incredible but there will also be no hard edges and corners to navigate as you make your way around your kitchen.

An island of contrast

Your kitchen island is a great place to be bold! Many people use their island to welcome a colour which contrasts their kitchen colour scheme and the results can be wonderfully sublime.

Less intimidating than painting the whole kitchen and easy to repaint if your tastes change further down the line, your kitchen island can be the perfect place for a little colour contrasting bravery.

Elevated shelves

Modern life throws all kinds of tasks at the kitchen island, having an elevated shelf on one side of the island can add welcome extra space, definition and purpose.

That can make your island the perfect place to enjoy dinner or to spend time working from home if you prefer to work standing.

Low level shelving

One of the key benefits of an island is the ability to add significant storage space to give that minimal, open plan, organised feel.

What you decide to keep on your shelving is up to you, it might be cook wear or crockery, many people love to use them as convenient bookshelves for cook books, adding personality and a splash of colour to their room.

When it comes to kitchen islands, aspects such as form, materials and finish are seemingly endless, but one thing is for certain; whatever type of kitchen you have there is almost definitely an island that will work for you.

To learn more about kitchen islands and to discover the right one for you, get in touch and take one of our online showroom tours.