Kitchen Trends for 2017

By October 31, 2016 No Comments

Kitchen trends change with time, at Mihaus, we recognise that our clients want their kitchen to be up to date, however stand the test of time which is why we’re always looking at the next big  trend and how it can be incorporated into our clients kitchens without dating quickly. 

With this in mind we’re always looking forward at what the next big thing will be!  Here are our predictions about what trends people will be following in 2017:

Tuxedo Cabinets
Tuxedo cabinets are at the top of our trend list for 2017!  Most clients choose the classic contract of black and white, however, using navy blue and soft grey can also work wonders and add an twist to your kitchen design!

Black Cabinets
Following on from tuxedo cabinets, the 2016 trend of classic black cabinets will be carried through to 2017.   Kitchens, with black cabinets, become the centre of attraction in the any house with their sleep look and smooth lines.

Grey Kitchens
Grey is considered as the classic colour that will never go out of style. We have found a number of our clients opting to add a twist and use it with bright colours.

Combination of White with Bright Colours
White is also among the widely chosen colours for kitchens. However, more and more we are seeing twists and variations on this classic theme.   Many of our clients choose to add a bright colour bright colour in the cooking area which can have incredible results!

As mentioned, black will be in the limelight. Even the appliances will be seen in black colour to match with the theme of the kitchen. The appliances include oven, refrigerators, sinks, taps and more.

Of course it’s not all about your kitchen units, the decor of your kitchen is also important.   It seems as if the dark colour décor is coming back.  But there is also a prediction that a combination of clear colours with a single base colour featuring shades, tints and tones of that hue will be seen in kitchens next year.


Whatever you choose for your kitchen design, Mihaus will talk you through the latest trends and technology to make sure you get the kitchen you want!