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Kitchen Trends to Expect in 2022

By November 30, 2021 No Comments

Kitchen Trends to Expect in 2022

From natural elements, vintage revival and innovative new trends to calming, pet friendly character, here are some of the key kitchen trends for 2022 and beyond.

With the combination of new, innovative ideas from trusted brands and clever twists on appliance design, there are a range of new and exciting kitchen trends for 2022.

Here are some of the things 2022 has in store for you and the modern day heart of your home.


While the backsplash is nothing revolutionary in itself, the sought after finishes may well be.   Expect to see a shift away from matt finishes in the coming year, in favour of eye catching gloss.     Glazed tiles aren’t just easy to keep clean; they also reflect light and can have incredible impact regardless of colour.

Rich hues such as greens, glazed whites and Zellige style tiling will all prove to be sought after as people seek to combine them with rustic wood and stone work surfaces for practical and attractive contrasts and a space to really enjoy spending time in.


The return of vintage
Vintage and antique styled furnishings and fittings will prove to be a popular kitchen trend of 2022 as more and more of us move away from the clean lines of show home style towards a much warmer, more lived-in environment.

Character will be on the top of many people’s list as the rise in popularity of simple joinery, larder cupboards, period style lighting and scrubbed tables and cabinetry is already proving.


Natural elements
In recent years, our kitchens have been a lot more than simple food preparation and storage spaces. It is little surprise then, as we continue to seek comfort and solace in our home environments that a connection to natural materials and the reassuring aesthetic they offer will be a big kitchen trend for 2022.

Natural woods, marbles and granite (and of course natural lighting) don’t just add warmth to a kitchen; they also add depth. These materials are also easily cleaned which is understandably high on the list for many.


Pet-friendly kitchens
Another aspect of recent times is that many more of us than ever now share our home spaces with four-legged family members.   Space, particularly storage space is always at the top of everyone’s kitchen renovation list. Incorporating your pet into the heart of your home means really maximising every inch of unclaimed space, corner spaces, toe kick spaces and potential space freed up by intelligent storage solutions will prove popular, not you just with you but probably with your pet too!


Popping colour
There is no real rulebook for colour pairings in 2022, expect the unexpected! Colour is a deeply personal thing but with so many people seeing their kitchen spaces differently these days, they are spaces where we are no longer scared to express ourselves.

Careful consideration is of course always recommended, a contrasting wall can be easily updated; appliances, tiling, flooring and cabinetry are a more permanent commitment.

Remember, many colour choices are influenced by current trends, if you want your colour scheme to last as long as it should, opt for colours that won’t just pop, but will keep you feeling good longer term.

Whether you plan on blazing your own trail by creating a kitchen space that is uniquely yours or whether you’d like to take inspiration from our showroom, Mihaus can help. Get in touch today to learn more!