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The Neff Slide and Hide Oven

By September 10, 2019 No Comments

The biggest ideas often come in compact packaging and often it just takes a stroke of genius to make the world realise that something so obvious has been missing for so long.

The Neff Slide and Hide oven ticks both those boxes and does much more besides…

Neff firmly believe that if your passion is creating great food quickly and easily then nothing should get in your way. What better way to prove that belief than to design and craft an oven so wonderfully simple, yet incredibly innovative, that the rest of the world must surely be kicking themselves.

The Slide and Hide’s genius lies in the door design, it opens downwards like so many conventional ovens, but then it slides conveniently into the main cavity, completely out of the way.

That makes cleaning, cooking, basting and checking your food so much simpler and safer, while freeing up space in your kitchen in a way that other ovens could never even hope to match.

The Neff Slide and Hide oven is no small wonder on the inside though; with capacities up to an impressive 71ltrs it can help you handle every task, from special treats for one or two people, to three course dinners for family and friends.

The Slide and Hide has a whole other range of tricks up its perfectly finished sleeves. The Home Connect® function allows you to pair up your oven with Amazon’s Alexa, giving you the power to manage your oven along with a whole range of other Neff appliances with the power of your voice, perfect for those busy baking days and greasy floured hands.

There is also Circotherm® technology as standard, an impressive function that delivers perfectly even cooking on every shelf, with no mixing of flavours. Steaming is also a breeze for perfect healthy flavour and nutritional value.

Self cleaning..? Not a problem, with the Slide and Hide’s Pyrolytic self-cleaning function, the hardest work you need to do is press a single button.

Like so many appliances from the Neff range, you can mix and match your appliances to suit your kitchen and cooking style with a range of Seamless Combination® strips, your appliances will look just as great as they perform.

Why not change the way you use your kitchen with an appliance that makes creating the very best food, look and feel so easy…

To learn more about the Neff Slide and Hide oven range and other innovative products on the range, get in touch today or visit one of our showrooms