Miele Generation 7000

The Miele Generation 7000 Range

Well known across the world for their combination of aesthetics, reliability and technological quality, Miele have deservedly been at the forefront of the design and crafting of kitchen appliances for many years now.

Miele’s achievement is largely down to their ethos of constant evolution to guarantee the best for the ever changing needs of their consumers. That trend is set to continue with the Miele Generation 7000 range.

It is a range that contains over 350 products including everything from coffee machines to ovens, hobs and dishwashers, it is a range that doesn’t just allow the complete transformation of any kitchen but the opportunity to future-proof them too…

The company’s biggest launch in well over a century delivers four innovative design specifications within their range of built in ovens.

The Contourline collection

– Features classic stainless steel, functional, intuitive controls and the clean line efficiency that has helped shape the Miele brand, suitable for a wide variety of kitchens and budgets.

The Pureline Collection

– The contemporary, horizontal styling of the Pureline range combines beautifully with glass facades for a modern feel and instinctive functionality.

The Artline Collection

– Distinct minimalism and integration that feels seamless with clean lines and a modern finish make the Artline Collection look stunning, whilst a design without handles makes life easier.

The Vitroline Collection

– Ultra modern with light, clean styling and simple, clean glass facades, the Vitroline range takes kitchen aesthetics to a new level.

The appliances that make up the Generation 700 range are available in a range of colours, such as Obsidian Black, Graphite Grey and Brilliant White to help you match your appliances with existing decor.

The Miele Generation 700 range doesn’t end at built-in ovens; there is a whole range of other products with the same ethos. Hobs, coffee machines, coolers and dishwashers are just a few of the 15 product groups that the range impressively covers. Each one inspired by innovation.


Making your kitchen smarter is now easier than ever thanks to FoodView. Working in unison with the Miele app, HD camera technology allows you to remotely view the fruits of your creative labour from your mobile device; you can even adjust cooking temperatures and times.


Overcooking and undercooking are things of the past thanks to TasteControl. Your food looks and tastes exactly the way you want it to, because your oven door will open automatically, cooling your oven and keeping its contents just right, you can even set a maintenance temperature to ensure your dish stays as hot as you need it.


Generation 700 appliances use the energy they need, nothing more thanks to MotionReact technology. Imagine a kitchen where your appliances motion detecting technology to activate displays, oven lighting etc, then turn them off again when you leave. Thanks to MotionReact you can experience it for yourself.

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