The Miele Generation 6000 Range

Excellent results with low energy consumption

Designed for those with passions for food and style in mind, the latest Generation 6000 range from Miele ticks all the boxes.

Through the combination of clean, stylish lines and stainless steel design in their ContourLine range and minimalistic glass in the new PureLine range, the pioneering German specialists have crafted a range that is instantly recognisable and unmistakable for anything other than Miele.

Simplicity and elegant solutions are more than just marketing words for Miele and their new Generation 6000 range; they form part of an ethos that is built into every feature on every appliance.

The range is available in a selection of colours to suit any kitchen, whilst the range of appliances themselves includes microwaves, steam ovens, cooker hoods, refrigerators and coffee machines.

The next level of choice
Operating concepts are not something that everyone anticipates when picturing their ideal kitchen, the question ‘How do I want these appliances to work for me as an individual’? Is one that in the past has seldom been asked…

Thanks to Miele, that is all about to change.  Mtouch for example, is a concept that places the focus on quick, intuitive and simple use. SensorTronic on the other hand aids functionality, making navigation and multi-tasking easier than ever before. DirectControl gives a more conventional feel with the more traditional twin-knob control, the choice is yours…

The Devil in the Details
Just as much time and experience has gone into other innovative features, such as wire-free temperature control giving you real time information on timings along with hundreds of pre-programmed modes for a wealth of different foods.

That same ethos can be found in the Miele Generation 6000 microwaves, a wealth of automated programmes, along with a single, one-touch button for popcorn, intelligence combined with fun to create something for everyone.

It is small details like these, combined with peerless quality that raises Miele head and shoulders above the rest. Take their Coffee Machines for example, automatic sensors that measure cups and mugs and adjust spout heights accordingly, simple bean to cup processing and a single button for one or two cups.

Standing alone, innovative features often risk feeling like gimmicks, but Miele have created something else entirely with the Generation 6000 Range; a kitchen environment that looks amazing, whilst being a simple joy to use and spend time in. Miele have been doing that for over a century, working hard to redefine the cooking experience and provide appliances that last.

Their motto for the Generation 6000 Range is ‘A Design for Life’ and when you see the range for yourself, you’ll see why.

To see the Miele Generation 6000 range for yourself and for help and advice on transforming your kitchen, get in touch today.

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