Saloni Tiles


The makers of Saloni Tiles have passion for ceramics and skills in crafting some of the best tiles on the market spans over half a century. The Italian specialists were founded in 1971 with a clear purpose; to provide their customers with the products they needed, that clear focus on their customer’s needs and their dedication to providing the solutions and standards of service that few others can match, makes them a first class tile partner.

Their philosophy has seen them grow to supply their ceramics to clients across five continents with speed and efficiency, merging artisan tradition with modern day innovation and advanced manufacturing methods.

Style and sustainability

The sustainable nature of ceramic tiles combined with Saloni’s environmentally friendly philosophy make them a perfect choice for those looking for excellent quality, aesthetic tiling that doesn’t cost the earth.

Their ceramic tiles are crafted with low energy consumption, less waste and low contamination levels. Ceramic tiles are also an excellent choice for those seeking low maintenance and long-lasting solutions for their homes.

Saloni is proud that their ethos of sustainability has earned them the ISO 14001 international standard. This standard, linked closely to environmental management systems demonstrates the organisation’s ability to improve environmental impacts and resource efficiency, meet best practice standards, increase customer trust and drive down costs.

Saloni achieve all those things with a range of ceramic tiles to suit every conceivable need and style.

A world of choice

Saloni’s sheer range of choice is extensive, from cement and metal, through to wood, stone and marble, you can be certain that, whatever you are looking for you will see a range that suits your needs. Monocolour, textile and rustic finishes are also available, as well as striped designs.

If you are looking to undertake a bathroom or kitchen project, there’s every chance that tiling will be one aspect you might be giving a lot of thought.

Every bathroom and kitchen is different though and every project unique. Saloni are a specialist tile company with the credentials and the craftsmanship to offer every tiling solution you might ever need.

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