Bathroom trends for 2020

By December 3, 2019 No Comments

No room better reflects who we are than our bathrooms… they might be sanctuaries, spaces in which to relax and indulge or simply a more functional space to get ready for our days (or evenings) with simple style.

With the New Year though comes a time of resolution, a time to look at things from a new perspective, to improve on what came before. That’s true of ourselves and it’s also equally true of the spaces we call home, so what can we expect regarding bathroom trends for 2020?

Here are just some of the things that are expected to be synonymous with 2020.



In the past, minimal spaces have often been thought of as cold and even a little sterile, however the minimalism of 2020 is expected to be a little different. Relaxed and visually more open bathrooms are popular, simple and efficient. Wall mounted sinks, clear glass shower doors and reflective surfaces such as high gloss ceramic tiling all combine to achieve the minimal effect, with consideration given to accessories and fittings to complement the minimalist look.


The year of smart technology

Modern technology has been welcomed into every other room in our homes, 2020 is the year it finally enters our bathrooms, but how?

Expect to see USB and more integrated charging options, LED temperature information, mirrors that can de-mist as and when we need them to and automated hand wipe sensor tech, making life more convenient whatever style of bathroom you choose.


Tile trends

The increasing trend for boldness in 2019 may well persist into 2020 with contrast, geometry and a bolder, braver ethos from people who are no longer afraid to simply go for it and make a statement.

The colour revolution will see playful patterns, with geometric tiling and brave colours working just as well in traditional as in modern homes.
Boldness of course is not for everyone. Thankfully subtler more nuanced styles are still going to remain as sought after as ever. Subtle style is always in fashion and matte colours, especially greys, creams and blacks will be the in vogue tones along with timeless natural hues.



The buzz word for 2020 might well be prominence where fixtures and fittings are concerned. Think about eye catching materials in colours such as copper, gold and black in both brushed and highly shined finishes. Pair them with minimal fixtures to get the very best effect.

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