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Bathroom Trends for 2024

By December 29, 2023 No Comments

Bathroom Trends for 2024

Out with the old and in with the bold, as colours, curves, textures and sustainability take centre stage for 2024…

The modern bathroom needs to have practicality at its heart, but that doesn’t mean invention, glamour and aesthetic excitement can’t be embraced.

2024 looks like being the year when we do just that, with a combination of textured surfaces, colourful brassware, softer spaces and curved angles with longevity and sustainability at their heart.

Here are some of the top bathroom trends to look out for in 2024.

Statement Textures

Introducing texture into a bathroom can seem a little daunting compared to other rooms in the home, we know bathrooms as hard, angular spaces but 2024 may well remind us they don’t have to be!

For the subtlest of statements, marble is already proving popular to maximise and reflect natural light, the natural materials perfectly match many people’s style needs. Why not lean into this further and explore layers, fluted wooden finishes, natural granite and slating?

Contrasting those natural textures has just as much potential, to build a real tactile, visual texture in the bathroom making it feel warmer and less clinical but still hygienic, easy to clean and a genuine joy to spend time in.

Sustainability as Standard

Recent times have given many of us a real appreciation of sustainability; we love to seek solace in natural, green spaces just as we seek solace in our bathrooms. Recreating that sense of sanctuary in the bathroom feels right and 2024 is the year to embrace it.

Expect to see more ways to conserve water, such as dual flush toilets and low- flow shower heads. Embrace materials that make more sense from an ecological point of view, such as sustainable FSC- certified natural woods, crafted in cabinets, trims and shelving, combined with plants to create genuine sustainability for the bathrooms of 2024.

Natural stone will prove equally popular for countertops and tubs, delivering a light and airy feel and even replacing conventional tiling as people seek to live more eco-consciously.

Subdued ambient lighting promotes relaxation, a sense of sanctuary and that same connection to nature. Natural light, sustainable materials and living plants can give you everything needed to disconnect from everyday stress.

Bold as Brass

Making changes in your bathroom to ensure you feel good spending time in the room is a trend that never goes out of fashion. For many that has meant neutral colours and a form of dopamine décor that works.

But colour is making a comeback!
Coloured brass is looking to make a welcome return for 2024, with taps and other hardware catching the eye and creating unique focal points that feel luxurious, subtle and liveable.

Add in colours inspired by the mediterranean and coloured brass can add a pop, a unique sense of style and a lived in, wonderfully warm tone to any bathroom for 2024.

Different Angles & Softer Shapes

In the past, our bathroom spaces have often been thought of as cold and even a little sterile, however 2024 is expected to be a little different. Relaxed and visually softer bathrooms are popular, simple and efficient.

It might come as no surprise that many of us crave that shift towards a more lived- in, softer space. Organic curves, natural shapes and an effortless flow of light allows for a much more spa- like experience in our own homes for 2024.

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