Kitchen Storage – Balancing Form with Function

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Kitchen Storage, The Art of Balancing Form with Function

The perfect kitchen is a careful balance of form and function.  Form is essential, today’s kitchens are the heart of the home and spaces where we spend a significant amount of our lives doing much more than preparing food.

But form is just part of the story…    Function is often overlooked, both by customers and even occasionally by designers. Function means workflow, intelligent design and above all, storage.


Getting the Balance Right

“We were so proud of our kitchen island with a granite worktop but it has no storage built in, so we have to keep some things on top of the fridge”

“We saved for a state of the art induction hob with extraction built in, only to realise we struggle for space to prepare food”

“Our kitchen looks amazing, but if two people are cooking we just get in each other’s way!”

We hear stories like these all too often. We know that your new kitchen will be the hub of your home, and it should feel right as well as looking exactly the way you hoped.


Modern Solutions for Modern Life

Whether your taste is for traditional, ultra- modern, eclectic or a style all of your own, our designers, combined with some of the best kitchen manufacturers in the world will ensure you have all the help, support and advice you need to ensure you have the storage solutions you need (and more besides) and your kitchen space is a pleasure to work, rest and get creative in.

How do we do that? Simple…

Our Fife-based kitchen designers treat everyone who walks into our showrooms as an individual, with different lifestyles, aesthetic requirements and functional needs.

We will talk through your ideas and we’ll guide you through our extensive range of cabinet sizes and storage solutions.


Why is Kitchen Storage so Important?

Nearly all of us spend more time at home than we used to. That means the home has evolved.

We all dream of a kitchen that we are proud to show to others, but underneath we need maximum space to store items safely, conveniently and out of sight. Kitchen space has never been under greater pressure to offer that perfect balance of form and function, without it, even the most beautiful kitchen can feel cluttered, cramped or crowded.

Imagine how disheartening that would be.

A new Kitchen is an important investment. At Mihaus we never forget that and pride ourselves on our excellent customer care and honest, clear advice from a team who love to work closely with every customer.

That team is comprised of experienced interior design architects and design consultants, backed by a highly qualified, accredited team with years of fitting experience.


Call Mihaus Today

If you are looking for a bespoke kitchen with the storage solutions that will suit you today and in the future, we can manage every element of the process. From impartial help and advice, through to consultation, then design and installation.

We work with the best manufactures and suppliers as standard, including Miele and Siemens to ensure the highest quality finish for your kitchen.

For more information please call us on 0845 982 5486 or alternatively drop us a message on our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.