Kitchen Trends for 2020

By November 26, 2019 No Comments

A new year is almost upon us, a time for resolutions, for new beginnings and certainly where kitchens are concerned a whole new range of styles and ideas. What can we expect in kitchen trends for 2020?

Here are just a few of the things with the potential to make a big impact in the coming year…


Integration with the latest technology

A modern kitchen is the hub of modern home life, much more than a place to prepare food, it is a place to talk, to entertain, to spend time doing much more than merely cooking. With those things in mind it stands to reason that the kitchen should be a place to make life easier and keep you up to date with everything that goes on elsewhere.

Kitchen technology will continue to evolve beyond the smart appliances, built in Bluetooth speakers and mobile-controlled lighting we see today. The Google Assistant has already made its way firmly into our lounges and living areas with smart television and audio integration, how long before we see it helping us in the kitchen..?


The return of the larder

Perhaps in contrast to the ultra modern high tech appliances in our kitchen is the return of a centuries old storage solution; the larder. Busy lives and little time to prepare the food we love means that having everything in one place is a big plus. They also make food shopping a whole lot easier with a simple glance telling you what you need and what you have.


Island living

Larger, more open plan spaces lend themselves perfectly to islands, a place to be social or eat casually, to prepare food and to enhance the workflow of your kitchen and a first class storage solution. Islands are already big; expect that to continue into 2020.


Materials and colours

Of all the kitchen trends that ebb and flow year on year, materials and colours are perhaps the most frequent, so what might the coming year have in store?
Wood, especially ash which has been out of favour for a while is expected to make a big return. The subtlety of ash is beautiful compared to woods such as walnut or oak, and is the perfect accompaniment to granite and veined marble. Marble is another material expected to prove popular in the coming year for its sheer luxury feel and unsurpassable style.

As for colours, the rule is there are no rules! Unexpected combinations and pairings designed to surprise are expected to be the trend for 2020. The emphasis is firmly on striking a balance between the colours that make us feel good and schemes that will last. Perfect for the kitchen… The heart of the modern home.

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