Kitchen Trends for 2021

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kitchen trends 2021

2020 has seen big shifts in the way we live our lives, driving kitchen trends that few might have foreseen. In response to that 2021 will be a year of innovative design as we look to combine beautiful form with versatility and more function than ever.

As we look to our kitchens to fulfil our own, unique needs, here are some of the kitchen trends for 2021 that will help the kitchen to remain as the hub of our changing homes and home lives.

The rise of the clever kitchen

For compact or smaller kitchen spaces, efficiency is important with clutter kept to a minimum and organisation achieved by clever design.

The kitchen layout has always been important, but 2021 will see the kitchen fulfilling more of our needs than ever. They may become places of study, places of work or simple sanctuaries at different times of different days, that versatility can be challenging to achieve in a small kitchen.

Banks of storage space along a single wall can prove effective and taller units can be ideal for smaller spaces, to open them up and provide all the storage solutions a smaller, versatile kitchen needs.

Handleless functionality

Much easier to keep clean compared to conventional handles and free-flowing in form, handleless drawers and cabinetry are perfect to create the pared-back trend that will be popular in 2021.

Recessed handles can create a similar, sleek and stylish feel with the added potential for different colours and materials to create something truly unique.

The rebirth of the larder

The smart storage needs of today have a simple solution, one that has been around almost as long as kitchens themselves, the larder.

The larder or Pantry cupboard will be a must-have feature of even the sleekest, most stylish kitchen spaces of 2021, enabling an entirely new level of storage and removing the need for walls packed with cupboards.

With the potential for extra wall space comes the possibility to further transform the kitchen into an even more relaxed of versatile space, ideal for the evolving needs of the modern home.

Shifts in colour

The shift away from matching everything and more towards double colour combinations will continue into 2021 to create an aesthetic that is both interesting and uniquely personal. Few trends have the same potential to transform the feel of a kitchen than, for example; darker units or work surfaces combined with lighter shades elsewhere to create character and depth.

Individuality is always rewarding and enjoying the freedom to play around with a wide range of tones, materials and textures in your design elements is a fun way to create interest.

Downdraft extraction

Removing the need for overhead extraction, downdraft systems remove odours and steam directly from the source, long before they have the chance to permeate the air create odours and condensation.

For open plan kitchens, they are ideal, removing the problematic visual barrier of a conventional extractor at head height, downdraft extraction has already grown in popularity; expect more of the same in 2021.

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