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Kitchen Trends for 2023

By December 30, 2022 No Comments

Kitchen Trends for 2023

The next twelve months promise an array of exciting kitchen design trends to try, with plenty to keep homeowners of all tastes happy, From having fun with patterns to developing a truly multi functional kitchen or even using natural materials to make a statement, read on for more about the looks we expect to see in kitchen design trends for 2023.

Play with patterns

Building a beautiful kitchen doesn’t have to be bland. Instead, 2023 looks set to be a year of colour and pattern! Think of ways to incorporate the trend, including adding enticing patterns to your cabinets or walls.

For the best effect, we recommend keeping it simple. Maintain some plain colour spaces so the emphasis can be on a key part of the kitchen that has the biggest impact.

Build multi-use kitchens

The kitchen is about so much more than simply preparing food. For many, a kitchen is the centre of the house – so why not decorate accordingly? Include plenty of space for both cooking and socialising, with the use of clever design.

An increasing trend towards open-plan living means your kitchen could also double as everything from a living room to an office space.

One way to meld all these elements together is by using different colours and materials to signify a shift from work to cooking to play, or ensuring your space features partitions that make the move from one area to another utterly seamless.

Get serious about storage

Kitchens are also areas where you’re likely to store lots of different tools and utensils, so having somewhere safe and secure to put them is essential.

In 2023, it’s all about combining style with function. Think in terms of stylish storage solutions that match the dimensions and existing look and feel of your space, including unexpected combinations and materials.

Concealed storage is a great option for smaller spaces or demanding designs, preventing clutter.

Weave in natural materials

The year ahead also sees a return to a more rustic look and feel, whether combined with more modernist elements or left to shine in its own natural glory!

Natural materials like wood, granite and marble have seen a big boom in popularity ever since the pandemic, with muted tones adding more warmth to domestic spaces.

This plays into a wider trend of reducing the chemical and artificial elements in the home, something that will likely continue to grow more popular in the years to come.


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