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Kitchen Trends for 2024

By January 5, 2024 No Comments

Kitchen Trends to expect in 2024

From natural elements, communal spaces and innovative new ideas to calming, sustainable character, here are some of the key kitchen trends for 2024.

With our combination of new, innovative solutions from trusted brands and clever twists on appliance design, here are some of the things this year has in store for you and the modern-day heart of your home.

The Return of Stress-Free Layouts

2024 will see many of us on a mission to clear out all the unnecessary clutter from our kitchens, it is time to pare back to a minimalist layout and make what remains feel special.

Vintage and antique styled furnishings and fittings with push to open technology will feature, traditional pantries will also get some love.
Floor to ceiling cabinetry will prove to be a popular kitchen trend of 2024 too, as more and more of us move away from having everything to hand, to having everything to hand but stored safely out of sight.

Other options might include grout free floor and wall surfaces, easily cleaned quartz work surfaces and of course, the ever-popular kitchen island.

Your Personal Coffee House?

Many of us love our coffeemakers, but how many of us actually plan a kitchen space around them?
2024 is the year of the coffee station.

Beverage stations will be a popular installation in 2024, along with communal seating islands, coffee bars with built in appliances, wet bars and even smoothie makers.

Coupled with display cabinetry for glassware, even the most discerning Barista might be envious!


A Colour Renaissance

There is no real rulebook for colour pairings in 2024 but many industry insiders expect greens to be a major kitchen colour trend for 2024.

Colour is a deeply personal thing but with so many people seeing their kitchen spaces as calming sanctuaries these days, green has every chance of taking centre stage! From relaxing sage to visually striking stronger hues such as emerald, green is not difficult to introduce into a kitchen space. It is also a scheme with the ability to make fixtures, fittings and cabinetry really sing.

Careful planning is of course always recommended, a power-packed colour on walls can be easily updated; appliances, tiling, flooring and cabinetry are a more permanent commitment, if you need any help or advice, we are delighted to offer it.

The Return of the Larder

In stark contrast to the modern high-tech appliances in today’s kitchen is the welcome return of a century’s old storage solution, the kitchen larder.

Busy lives and little time to prepare the food we love means that having everything in one place and out of sight is a double win. Pantries also make food shopping a whole lot easier with a simple glance telling you what you have and what needs replenishing.

How did they ever fall out of favour…?

Island Living

Islands have always been about storage, but they don’t need to be solely for storage.

Larger, more open plan spaces lend themselves perfectly to islands, a place to eat casually, to prepare food and to enhance the workflow of your kitchen and even for some, a place of work from home.

2024 has something new in store, combination kitchen islands that can do it all.

Expect to see islands with storage, but expect them to combine that with open space beneath for enough stools to live for genuine communal seating, quality company and a sense of togetherness.

Materials and colours

Kitchen trends that ebb and flow year on year are sometimes difficult to forecast, so what might the coming year have in store?

Warm wood, with its natural high texture and unique patterns is expected to make a big return.

The subtlety of ash is beautiful compared to woods such as walnut or oak, and is the perfect way to attain an air of organic, contemporary style, even offering something special for mid- century or Scandinavian themed kitchens.


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