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Siemens Home Connect

By July 10, 2023 No Comments

You might consider kitchens to be fully evolved, but with technology always changing, our world is becoming increasingly smarter by the minute.

But for our customers who are looking to embrace technology for a more convenient life, Home Connect allows them to manage their Siemens appliances by controlling them smartly from their phone.

We can help you to connect your home to a range of smart services and experience intelligent living with Siemens Smart appliances.

Smart Ovens: With access to thousands of recipes from the Home Connect app, your customers will never lack inspiration. Sending recipe settings directly to the oven means a perfect dish each time, while AI reduces energy usage by shutting off the oven when ready.

Smart Laundry: The Home Connect app provides customers with a description of energy and water consumption for each load, helping them make the best environmental decision for their needs, including reduced wastage with intelligent dosing technology.

Smart Cooling: This allows customers to track the status of their appliance with notifications if the door’s been open for too long or the temperature significantly changes. The app also reduces food waste by tracking use-by-dates, as well as holiday mode reducing excess energy output.

Smart Dishwashers: Allows you to take control of the process, by rating the results and duration of the programme, the dishwasher then automatically adapts its settings and offers several alternatives, such as more energy efficient options.

Smart Hobs and Hoods: Home Connect enables hobs and hoods to interact intelligently with each other, removing the need to manually adjust settings on two different appliances. Your customers can keep their homes smelling fresh with the smart Siemens ventilation and hobs.

By introducing you to an intelligent kitchen that seamlessly integrates into your life, we can help you master new cooking skills, live a healthier and more eco-conscious life, while enjoying ultimate personalisation.


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