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Trending Bathroom Features for 2022

By December 8, 2021 No Comments

Trending Bathroom Features for 2022

When it comes to reimagining the bathroom 2022 has plenty of options in store…

For many of us, bathrooms don’t get quite the same degree of attention as other rooms in the home. They’re simply not shared in the same way as other spaces, making them much less likely to be seen on social media or given the same sorts of design love as living rooms or bedrooms when planning changes.

2022 way well be the year all that changes with many people taking real time and effort in creating an amazing bathroom space that looks just as good on Instagram as it does in-person.   Here are just some of the trends that will make it happen.

Plants (and plenty of them) are already a popular bathroom trend and definitely one that is set to continue into 2022. Styling the bathroom with natural elements creates a calm, spa-like feeling of sanctuary which for many delivers the perfect antidote to modern life and working from home.

Reducing anxiety, stress and simply enjoying the things at home which we have grown so used to leaving home to enjoy are all at the top of many people’s list for 2022. Large-leaf houseplants, palms and even Pampas grasses give us that feeling of retreat, nurture and a beautiful focal point for bathrooms, not to mention improved air quality.

Bringing Home the Spa Experience
If the kitchens of 2022 are the heart of the modern home, then the soul is definitely the bathroom and more people than ever will be giving it the love it deserves…

Luxury finishes, detailed mosaic tiling and showers featuring minimal framing and tiled shower pans will all contribute towards a feeling of sheer spa luxury in 2022.

Stylish hardware and solid stone natural countertops with stylish undermount sinks will also be at the top of many people’s wish list as that high end spa-like feeling will remain a priority for renovators and homebuyers alike.

Standout benches and stools
A bathroom in which we all love spending time is always going to be a space with room for our favourite wellbeing items. Decorative accessories and trays go hand in hand with vanity stools and benches; they can be perfectly primed to suit an existing style just as easily as they deliver an eye-catching contrast, delivering convenience and comfort to the bathrooms of 2022.

Statement Stone
For the subtlest of statements, marble is already proving popular in many mid to high end luxury bathroom plans. The whites and greys can help to maximise and reflect natural light, the natural materials will perfectly match many people’s style needs and the sheer opulence of marble and granite will once again help many people achieve that feeling of spa-like sanctuary in their very own bathrooms.

Contrasting those natural textures has just as much potential, to build an altogether different level of tactile and visual texture in the bathroom making them feel warmer and less clinical but still hygienic and easy to clean.

Walk in Showers and Wet Rooms
Larger enclosures, more open spaces and the potential for amazing tiled feature walls and backdrops mean that more people than ever are forsaking the traditional bath in favour of the future proof convenience and added home value of walk-in showers and wetrooms.

For older homeowners these spaces are all about convenience and freedom, for younger families they are quick and easy to use and much easier to keep clean.
A bath will always have its place, but expect wet rooms and walk-in showers to grow in popularity in 2022 and beyond.

Do you have plans for your bathroom in the coming year? If so we would love to hear from you!